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Interno castello Piccolomini
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Hotel Mastrodattìa
If you are looking for hotels in Celano you can immediately think of Hotel Mastrodattia.
Surely you have thought of sleeping in Celano at least for one night, we invite you to be our guest in the
best hotel rooms in Celano.
In this new structure, located in the historic village under the Castle of Celano,
you will have the opportunity to experience the particularities of this beautiful medieval village of Marsica.

We will be happy to welcome you in what was once the ancient Mastrodattia of the Castle Piccolomini in
an exclusive but informal environment where you can just relax and visit the village of Celano, or go on an
excursion through the canyons of the Gole di Celano, visit the many churches, enjoy a drink at the Prince
Cafè, or simply taste the dishes of our chef and close the evening in privacy.

Discover Celano and its history.

When you visit Celano, you cannot help being intrigued by discovering its ancient history.
The presence of man on Mount Tino dates back to 18,000 years ago and today we can visit, in the locality
of Paludi, a necropolis dating back to the Bronze Age, and a Museum with the same name located in the
town itself.
The great economic and social development occurred with the affirmation of the County of Celano.
Together with the legalization of the regal stretch Celano-Foggia by the Aragonese and under the dominion
of Leonello Acclozamora, one of the most used routes of transhumance was reinforced. It was one of the
best known pastoral routes at the time and in the XIV century became a cornerstone of the economy of the
area relying on the crossing of inhabited areas that needed commercial connections.
Leonello Acclozamora and Countess Jacovella, who was the last heir of the Counts of Celano, completed
very important works during their permanency, which we can still admire today. There were numerous
artistic and decorative interventions in all the churches of Celano. The Piccolomini Castle received the most
important of interventions; the three towers of the castle were completed, today visible in their
imposingness, and the second floor of the Mastio was completed ...

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