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When only a ruined tower was left of what was once the highest tower of the town of Celano, a woman, from the Celanese town, for the love of the places of her childhood and her origins, had the desire to start a difficult work of recovery. After much effort and dedication today we can frequent a small pearl of the Marsica, and appreciate simple and enchanted places of our Italy.

Hotel Mastrodattia
An hotel in the castle

The structure of the Mastrodattia hotel in Celano has a centennial history. It was originally the headquarters of Mastrodattia which in the Naples kingdom, was the place where the mastrodatti performed their work.

Who were the mastrodatti: the Bagliva.
We need to go back in history from its origins, in 1140 a new institution called Bagliva was established by Ruggiero II. Bagliva was a lower-ranking magistracy. It consisted of a Baglivo, later also appointed by the King for the control of the state lands and appointed by the barons for the management of feudal lands. There was also a Judge and a Mastrodatto, which in practice would be like saying a 'master of acts', a person skilled in writing deeds, usually a notary. This task, in the small fueds, could also be assigned to citizens of other professions such as shoemakers, barbers, etc. They had the task of writing, cataloging, preserving and keeping public records.

This ancient Mastrodattia of the Piccolomini castle of Celano has been well restored and converted into a hotel with a restaurant and a lounge bar. Its location is rather an integral part of the Piccolomini Castle, it was the original Mastrodattia. In ancient times it was a place of transit and of customs. It was the place where the farmers were forced to pay the Duty in order to sell their merchandise inside the Castle.

In the renovation phase, we tried to proceed preserving as much as possible the original structure and above all re-using local stone material. The exterior appearance of the Hotel has been preserved in classic medieval style. Inside we can find a baroque style with modern elements that characterize the entire structure.

The rooms are well furnished and each one made unique with important elements of contemporary design, such as the splendid iron and glass atrium, to situations where history and current events are mixed with contrasting elements that go from the style of medieval houses, to the style of Arabesque, keeping a feeling of modernism and welcoming luminocity.

Aug. 2018
Hotel opening
Aug. 2018
Restaurant inauguration
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